Posted by: annazotova | August 9, 2010

The great energy challenge

If you are one of those people, who really wants to reduce their carbon footprint, but doesn’t know where to start, the National Geographic Great Energy Challenge is for you.
It doesn’t matter what your reason is to start living greener: care for the environment, desire to live a healthier lifestyle, cut your bills down or because it’s just trendy. As long as you decided to do so – you are on the right track!
In many cases people simply don’t realize how much harm they bring to the environment (or their wallets) by just engaging in their everyday activities. Sometimes it only takes to point it out to them and they will change their ways. Of course there has to be a better alternative, and this alternative better be more convenient.
National Geographic does exactly that. They help you see how much more money you spend by not following “green” guidelines and how much environmental damage this brings.
They also suggest the ways how to improve your everyday activities to both save your money and benefit the environment!
And all this is done in a fun interactive way!
Accept their challenge today and start living a greener life tomorrow!


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