Posted by: annazotova | March 14, 2010

Answer to the global warming sceptics

In the recent light of increased skepticism towards global warming it is most important to not fall for panicky statements about conspiracy theories. Maybe the warning about the Himalayan glaciers meltdown by 2035 and rainforest eco-tastrophe by 2050 are proven invalid, but it doesn’t mean that we all should relax and continue watching how utilities and industrial plants dump billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Science is not devoid of mistakes. After all, scientists are not gods and there will always be theories that are false. But the main argument is irrefutable: climate is changing and humans have a lot to do with it. To assure the public even more, that the intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) work is attested by the wider scientific community, the United Nations have recently brought in an outside panel to validate IPCC research.

Here are a few popular arguments of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) proponents:

  • Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases cause our planet to warm by absorbing some of the heat radiation from the earth.
  • The majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels, the rest comes from deforestation and land use.
  • Current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere if highest in at least 800,000 years and if the emission trend continues it will have serious climate impacts.
  • In order to avoid radical climate change, emissions need to be significantly cut – the sooner, the better.

    Politicians have the power to put caps on industrial emissions; but every one of us can make a difference by cutting our own carbon footprint. There are loads of resources off- and online suggesting how to cut individual carbon emissions. These are just a few simple steps everyone can adopt without giving up too much.

  • Drive as little as possible. Bike, use public transportation, carpool whenever you can.
  • Recycle, and it will reduce your carbon emissions by 1,500 – 2,000 lbs per year.
  • Plant a tree and help the planet recycle a ton of carbon dioxide.
  • Skip meat at least once a week to save 35,000 gallons of water.
  • Use less hot water.
  • Adjust your thermostat 2 degrees down in the winter and 2 degrees down in the summer to save up to 1 ton of carbon dioxide a year.
  • Substitute your regular light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs and save up to 150 pounds of carbon dioxide per bulb per year.
  • Invest in reusable grocery bags.
  • Turn off electronics when not using it.
  • Buy less packaged products.

    Every little step towards greener lifestyle will increase our fighting chance for a healthy planet.


  • Responses

    1. Sorry you got it wrong,

      “•Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases cause our planet to warm by absorbing some of the heat radiation from the earth. ” is only an unproven hypothesis and this is acknowledged in the latest IPCC reports in case you haven’t read them.
      Only trouble is the IPCC claims there is a high likelihood that it is fact.
      However as the planet has been warmer than this before in historical times one needs a bit more evidence to pin this particular warming on CO2.

      This dosnt mean that we shouldnt look after our planet or conserve resources, but one needs to use ones common sense when listening to proponents of AGW which frankly can only be described as alarmist.

      is a very authorative doco. Has all the right people discussing the issues, or check my blog for other links.



      • Thank you, Roger! I will definitely check out your links.

        I have just corrected my statement about “facts” to say the following: “Here are a few popular arguments of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) proponents:”

        All i’m trying to say in my blog is Global Warming or not – we should stop the “consumer” approach to the environment..

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